Mobile websites

Traffic source analytics of mobile websites does not differ much from desktop analytics. The use of Google Analytics and/ or Yandex.Metricа is sufficient enough to assess the user’s behavior on a mobile website.
Counting the number of displays of advertising materials, coverage, frequency, number of clicks and other metrics before redirecting a visitor to the website is carried out using special platforms including Adriver, Gemius, Weborama and others.

Mobile applications

Analytical systems allow you to track the user path from clicking on an ad before installing the application and performing in-app actions. They make it possible to optimize the advertising campaign for the required KPIs.

Comparison of mobile application tracking system

  AdjustAppsFlyerTUNEAppMetrika by YandexFirebase by GoogleFlurry

Facebook & Instagram++-+/---
MyTarget (VK/OK)++++--
Mobile RTB++++-+
Cohort reports++++++
Organic events+++++-
Revenue cost+++-+-
Agency access-+++-+
Unistalls data-+--Android only-
Price$$$$$$$FreeFree (basic)Free (basic)
Own data storage+-----
Price$$$$$$$FreeFree (basic)Free (basic)


At the moment, we recommend installing Adjust or AppsFlyer tracking system.

Their functionality makes it possible to track all the traffic channels and in-app events in one window without installing additional SDKs in applications. These systems also provide high-quality and prompt technical support all over the world.

In cases where it is important to spare budget, you can use a free solution. Here the absolute leader is AppMetrika by Yandex.

However, it currently does not fully support the Facebook / Instagram / Twitter. If you use them, you will need to install additional SDKs.